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Strategic, community driven solutions that guide cities and states through the process of developing strong music strategies.

Introducing the latest innovation by Music Cities Together

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Reopening Guidance for Austin Music Venues Released to Support COVID-19 Recovery Planning



Weekly conversations

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Music Cities Together is a joint initiative between Sound Music Cities and Music Policy Forum.

We aim to be a one-stop portal for community leaders at every stage of the music-strategy process.

Working within the constraints of any budget, Music Cities Together will activate our network of music industry leaders, public officials, researchers and other music innovators to play a supportive role.


The Music Cities Together Toolkit leverages the expertise of music community leaders throughout North America whose main purpose is the overall health of the music community. 

We are using a “toolkit” framework recognizing that, while there are no “one size fits all” solutions to this field, there is a core set of tools that have been developed over decades, in communities across North America.


“A vibrant music economy drives value for cities in several important ways: job creation, economic growth, tourism development, city brand building and artistic growth. .”

The Mastering of a Music City

Let’s unleash the potential of your music city, together.